Astrid Ackermann was born in Miltenberg am Main in 1969 and grew up in this historic Frankonian town full of timbered buildings and ancient churches. At the outset, music played almost as important a role in her artistic career as photography. She was given an old SLR during her first semester at Dr. Hochs Konservatorium Frankfurt, where she studied piano with Prof. Angelika Nebel. Her final two years as student were spent at the “Staatslehranstalt für Fotografie, München”, where she concentrated on portrait photography. Presently she lives with her family in Munich and enjoys the luxury of an atelier near Murnau, that little village so well known from scenes painted by members of the Blaue Reiter group early in the twentieth century. As for technique an lighting, she takes what the day gives us, with the intention of focussing on the person and what their countenance might tell us. Her preferred equipment is a Leica M6, a Hasselblad and Canon DSLRs.